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Est. 2013

What makes us different

A fresh & local approach to chef & interior provisioning

Let us reduce the stress of your busy season

We use our extensive knowledge of products, Chef and Stew experience and in depth understanding of the luxury hospitality industry to provide the best of the best…helping to reduce the stress of all those who work with us. This is just one reason why we are the yacht provisioner of choice. Find out why industry professionals choose Riviera Gourmet.
State of the art storage and warehouse

Professional service from start to finish

Our storage and sanitation measures are backed by French Regulation Standards

Now, more then ever, it is essential to ensure your Provisioner is certified and legally able to store, handle and transport goods to your vessel. Avoid unnecessary risks and get in touch with us now for your orders.

Why choose us?

Finding the right provisioner for your needs is essential to a successful season. That's why we offer a tailored service for every client.

10,000's product choice

From exceptional quality to budget friendly, exclusive to cupboard essentials.

Dedicated service

Unrivalled customer service, regular contact points and dedicated departments for galley and interior.

Exclusive products

Our exclusive range of products are so good, our competitors even buy from us.

Large Delivery Network

Spanning 15 + countries, our temperature controlled vans and air cargo partners ensure your goods arrive perfect, everytime.

Colour coded deliveries

Your time is limited, so we've optimised your deliveries so you know exactly where everything is, without having to search

GPS Tracked Deliveries

Introduced in 2016, our GPS tracked delivery vans ensure you know exactly where your driver is and their arrival time

World class producers

Whether it's organic, exotic, imported or branded, we've spent over a decade sourcing the very best products for galley and interior

We Specialise in Quality

We have spent years tracking down the very best produce and products to ensure you receive the best quality at competitive prices. Our carefully vetted suppliers offer quality and quantities that is not available to the public.

preferred brands & Quality products

We have sourced many of your preferred brands, ensuring you receive the same great products whether you are in the Mediterranean, Maldives or Martinique.


Black C chicken, world class Wagyu and organic pork… nothing less than perfect!


Line caught, sustainable and catch of the day…always fresh and prepared to your specs.

Fruit & Vegetables

Fresh, local, organic, in season…

Those hard-to-find products, rare or exquisite, like a 50 year aged balsamic, a fresh white Alba truffle or the rarest Almas caviar.


Marine friendly, sustainable, industrial strength or brand specific – we can even source that hard to find specialist cleaner for that moment red wine spills onto the silk rugs.


We work with some of the largest suppliers with a comprehensive catalogue of guest toiletries and spa equipment. 

Spa & toiletries

The widest selection of Drinks and bar equipment available to deliver any place, any time.

Bar & service

We can organise anything for the finest plates to Moser hand cut crystal glasses.

Table & decoration

YOur dedicated team

From initial contact through to delivery and beyond, our dedicated and hard-working team are here to ensure your needs are fulfilled.

Provisioning Service by

Experienced Staff

Industry experience and rigorous training make for a dream team!

Our valued team members are chosen for their professionalism and experience in their field. From our ex-Chief Stews handling Interior orders to our passionate Chefs leading the team. Our drivers have many years of experience and are given full training on food storage and safety to ensure your order is delivered in peak condition.

We are trusted by hundreds of satisfied clients around the world

We have sourced many of the preferred brands, ensuring you receive the same great products whether you are in the South of France, Maldives or South America

"Where do I start when it comes to Riviera Gourmet? Probably the best place is that it wouldn’t have been possible for me to do my job without them supporting me and our boat - on an almost daily basis during our busy Mediterranean seasons. They would respond to emails I would send at 2am with orders and the deliveries were made the next morning. Riviera Gourmet would hit us deep in Spain, all over the Italian and Amalfi coasts, Sicily, and even off the coast of Formentara and Ibiza on Sunday afternoons when it seems every other Spaniard has closed shop for the day. In addition to the great customer service Damian sources insane products. They research tirelessly and would always be stopping by with some random item – artichokes, vanilla beans, olives – that were the most amazing example you had ever had. On top of it all, they are really nice guys that will absolutely go mental to make sure you have what you need".

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