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regular Investing
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We regularly re-invest in our food storage and warehouse facilities. In 2024 we have moved to our brand new 700 square metre facility. Come see us try out the Test Kichen or star on our Podcast. Have a coffee in Wonka's Coffee House or check out our Test Dining Room.

Since day one

We provide as standard...

digital Traceability system

Our computerised system allows us to control all dairy, meat and fish products that arrive at our warehouse.

French Regulation certified

DDP Certified (This is dedicated service in France that controls all businesses that sell or handle animal products).

disinfect for each delivery

Delivery crates and vans are disinfected for each delivery. Regular disinfecting of warehouse.

Covid-19 (coronavirus) measures

Putting safety first

Covid-19 may be in the past but should it rear it ugly head again, we are prepared - To minimise risk to employees and clients, Riviera Gourmet will introduce again measures in line with expert recommendations

Daily temperature checks

We perform temperature checks on staff if needed

Mask & Gloves

Masks and gloves are worn when shopping or on deliveries. These are changed before entering our warehouse to avoid cross-contamination

Medical test

Employees can undergo both blood tests and PCR tests to ensure peace of mind and safety

Contactless deliveries

Loaded into vans by our warehouse team, our delivery drivers have no contact with your staff or your order if needed

Together we can do more

To ensure the best possible protection for your guests and crew, we recommend placing your order minimum 48 hours in advance


Our suppliers have been checked and vetted to ensure the best possible care and safety. In some cases, when we receive your order last minute, it is simply too late to purchase from our trusted suppliers and therefore we are required to procure your order elsewhere. 

This increases our staff exposure and therefore yours. We understand there are times when ordering last minute is unavoidable however it is important to understand the risks involved when you place last minute orders.

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