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a revolution
in provisioning

Riviera Gourmet is at the forefront of innovation within the provisioning industry.

Whilst anyone can provision, we believe it take a lot more than simply shopping for products. That’s why every year since we opened our doors, Riviera Gourmet has led the industry by introducing market-leading strategies and services.  

our services

To continue our drive to revolutionise the provisioning industry, we strive to offer more than simply quality products at competitive prices. We've set our standard to ensure you receive exceptional service...
from initial enquiry to final delivery and beyond.

Access to all of your favourite products as well as 1000’s more that are unique to our region. When we say we use our product knowledge, we mean it! We’ve visited major supermarkets and produce stores across the main yachting hubs around the World. Why? This gives us a deeper understanding of what the products are, where we can source them and what are suitable alternatives for those times when importing is not part of your budget. So whether you’ve been provisioning in Lulu’s in UAE or Publix’s in Palm Beach, when we say we know, we know.

We also keep in stock a large selection of premium quality products for both chef and interior departments that are for both guest orders and crew top-ups. 

Unrivalled customer service, regular contact points and dedicated departments for chef and interior. We know the stresses involved in outsourcing your provisioning needs to a company.
Will they get the right items?
Can they find the quantities?
Will they deliver in time?
We’ve been in the industry long enough to understand the need for regular contact. Especially during these difficult times when cargo is being restricted and shelves are often empty. On those rare occasions an item isn’t available, or you have put in a last minute order without enough time to fulfill your order, we will discuss immediately and find the right solution for you.

Our dedicated departments are led by yachting professionals – ex chief stews and chefs who understand exactly your needs, urgency and attention to detail.

Since our humble beginnings nearly a decade ago, each and every year we set off in search of unique, exquisite products that will wow your guests and set you apart from the rest. 

We head straight to the source, meeting producers on location so that we can see the whole process in action. Only when we find something truly exceptional or unique do we stock it.

For our full range of exclusive and in-stock items please contact us directly.

We understand our clients can move at a moments notice which is why we cover extensive port deliveries across the Cote d’Azur and the Italian Coast. Whether you are in our popular destinations of La Ciotat, St Tropez, Cannes, Antibes, Nice, Monaco, Imperia and San Remo or the smaller ports along the coast, we will get your delivery to you.

Our temperature controlled fleet of vans, together with our specialist air cargo partners ensure your goods arrive in perfect condition.

Riviera Gourmet delivers provisions throughout Europe and Worldwide, to villas, chalets, dry-docks and private jets too – simply get in touch to discuss your needs.

A provisioning innovation introduced by Riviera Gourmet. 

After spending many hours in port observing delivery times and time produce spends outside in the heat, we devised a simple solution to speed up the delivery process and simplify the task of unpacking once onboard.

Another provisioning innovation, introduced by  Riviera Gourmet in 2016. Our vans are equipped with GPS tracking so you always know where your delivery is.

Whilst we always love to speak to our clients, we understand you have far more important matters to deal with than constantly having to contact us to find out where and when your delivery will arrive. 

Think of it as Uber for Provisioning, you receive regular updates via phone or email to let you know exactly when to expect your delivery.

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